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I am considering a move to Dubai and am researching about dating opportunities . I am a matured woman looking for a serious relationship with.

Dating Your Friend's Ex

The whole time your friend was dating this great woman, you always made sure to tell your buddy how lucky he was to have a woman like her. Every time you hung out with them in a group you guys really got along with each other. She was so cool. You start to develop feelings for her.

Is It Ever OK To Date An Ex's Friend? (What If You're Head Over Heels And They're The One?!)

At the same time, your friend still talks about her and wonders if he did something wrong to ruin the relationship. You really want to start dating your friend's ex, and she wants to go out with you. You want to start seeing her, and you have a very strong feeling that you two are really going to hit it off. What do you do in this situation? Am I doing anything wrong??

  • Feeling guilty about dating the ex of an acquaintance. Am I doing anything wrong??.
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His ex-gf is an acquaintance of mine, not a friend but a good friend of a friend of mine. She doesn't know I am with her ex and my friend is covering it up.

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I feel really guilty about it even though I don't know her that well. I would hate if the situation was reversed and someone I kinda knew we are friendly when we meet at mutual friends events did this as I like to think I come across as a nice person and I don't want anyone to think I am a bitch.

Is It Ever OK To Date Your Friend's Ex?

Any advice would be appreciated. I don't see a problem with this but yet again I dated and slept with my ex's best friend.

I think it depends on how and why they broke up. If you had stolen him away not that you really can then there may have been something wrong but at the end of the day he was single you were single and that's all there really is to it.

The Protocol When Dating a Friend's Ex

Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? Feeling guilty about dating the ex of an acquaintance.