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How to Wire an Electronic Tachometer as Easy as 1-2-3

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I finally got this thing working though it doesn't seem the most accurate judging by the sound of the engine.

It sound like it reads high at low rpm and reads low and high rpm. That aside it took me 2 DAYS to get this thing working!!! The wiring instructions in the product description were right. I have a gz and i wrapped the 2 positives together and the 2 negatives together. The positive went to my horn because it's live when ignition is switched on and easy to get to. The negative is naturally just any ground. The problem I had was with the signal wire. On my gz the signal lead is negative and for whatever reason wasn't working for the tach.

After some Google an how to attach to the "high voltage line as in the description I found a possible solution. I had to wrap the signal wire tightly in a coil around my spark plug wire. After a solid day of playing with just the signal I found my best location to be directly around the top end of the wire boot with a coil loops. The signal wire must also come out perpendicular to the plug wire or it won't read.

I used electrical tape to secure it then covered that in a layer of liquid electrical tape to keep it from baking and unraveling over time. The tach itself I would probably give stars A simple diagram paper with some troubleshooting tips would go very far with this. Even better would be to include diagrams for different common applications or ignition systems. Instructions are very vague didn't even bring a diagram I'm still waiting to hear from them to see which side does the engine signal wire go to negative or positive side!

No manufacturer support it's useless none can tell you where does the whine signal wire go to. I've already paid someone to mount it and they did connect all the wires but the engine signal wire so I have a tach that lights up but doesn't work. Looks nice but doesn't work.

Out For A Good Time

I'm getting a signal on the input wire but the tach doesn't move. I tried getting the seller to help me but they just offered the same unhelpful "instructions. Spend a little more money on something else. One person found this helpful. Chrome shell Verified Purchase.

How to Install a Tach / Tachometer Installation (Autometer / Greddy) - AnthonyJ350

Erratic Pointer Movement Verify correct signal and ground connections see above. Verify your signal wire is not routed close to any high voltage sources i.

Installing a Tachometer to a Coil | It Still Runs

The signal wire can pick up electrical interference signal noise if routed close to a high voltage source. Marshall tachometers come with 2 signal input options, each input utilizes a different signal filter. Add a 10K Ohm resister inline with the signal. Adding a resister will increase the level of signal filtering.

Try this on both signal inputs. Use a higher ohm resister for more filtering, a lower value ohm resister for less filtering.

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Install a tachometer signal filter. Address, Phone, Fax Request Info. Check with the gauge manufacturer for the GREEN wire connection path that suits the ignition system installed in your vehicle. The steps for the power supply and ground wires on all tachometers are the same. Tape together the wires that are protruding out the back of the gauge until the wires meet the dashboard. Secure the wires under the dashboard with tie wraps or by using existing harness paths to run the wires in conduit that houses existing wires.

Find a pathway for the green wire to run through the firewall in front of the driver under the dashboard. Protect any wires from chaffing inside a firewall hole by protecting it with a rubber grommet and silicon gel. This makes the wire safe and seals the hole from the outside.

Technical Details

Run the power supply wire to the fuse panel and tap into a fuse with a fuse tap. Find a fuse that operates on the turning of the ignition key. When the key is turned and the auxiliary power is supplied, the tachometer should also be lit for use. The ground wire must be secured in a paint free connection with the major parts of the vehicle. A great place to ground any gauge is at the mounting bracket for the pedal assemblies. Gas, brake, or clutch mounts are a great place to loosen a nut and insert a ground wire for an auxiliary component or electronic device.

Tie back all loose, hanging wires from around the driver's feet area.