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If this project fails, Lee Seungyun will quit Gag Concert for a month. This skit took 's Top Excellence Award for idea. Kim Taewon Musical comedy about school life. Song Jungeun A noisy family and their noisy daily life. Ryu Geunil, Jeong Seunghwan, Park Jisun, Kim Minkyeong, Kwon Jaekwan, Kim Seongwon When all else fails in negotiations, the world's greatest lobbyists are in the unlikely forms of two middle-aged ahjumma s who are good in persuasion at all costs.

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On the last airing of the skit, actress Han Ji-min made an appearance. The skit was abolished without saying goodbye to viewers and the project ended as a failure.

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Gag Concert's longest skit. In this skit Oh Nami tries to hit on guys from the audience. Park Jisun works with the truth, Kim Daeseong talks about the facts, and Park Yeongjin pinpoints things that have nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing. Song Byeongcheol Drama happens when you have to pick an animal to slaughter for your restaurant. Park Seongho 13 , Lee Jonghun, Ryu Geunil, Kwak Beom, Kim Byeongseon Musical comedy where two things are compared, to which the conclusion is that there is no big difference between them.

They also compared some styles from celebrity which is worse than before on 'one step back'.

Gag Concert

Lee Hyeseok, Kim Jincheol, Kwak Beom Two friends who spend their days tossing a baseball back-and-forth while talking about daily life. Park Seongho 13 , Ryu Geunil Stories from the forest. Jang Kiyeong When 2 robbers happen to commit robbery in the same place at the same time. An Somi, Heo Min. Due to Ladies' Code's tragic accident that happened on September 3 and then EunB's death , the corner was excluded from the recording within the same day for the Chuseok special broadcast on September 7; [7] RiSe died hours before the actual broadcast.

The skit resumed a week later September 14 with a significant change: Strawberry Milk 's OK as signature song. About a platoon which is starting to go crazy after days of isolation. Lee Dongyun and Lee Sejin as the only normal soldiers. Kim Janggun as a soldier who is going crazy.

Jeong Myeonghun as an elite medical crew who can't remember things. Kim Jimin as a crazy ghost. Yun Hanmin as a colonel who easily gives up. Lee Suji as a seller. Im Jaebaek Frequently used onomatopoeia to be changed to become more detailed and real. Kim Jeonghun, Kim Minkyeong, Park Jiseon Things that happen during a regular script reading of a soon-to-be makjang soap opera drama, mocking broadcast stations' use of product placement that make no sense, problems with drama writers, and more.

Kim Kiri, Seo Taehun Comparing drama scenes with reality. K Kim Jaewook possesses psychometry , the extra-sensoral ability to get information and see things from the past when touching an object. Jimin always seems to say something that makes sense, but it turns out she is slurring words, and in later episodes she appears shockingly in and out of random places.

The corner is about two detectives in violent crimes division who are secretly dating. The skit stopped airing on 2. His interrogation process tests the humor of suspected subjects by asking them to do acrostic poems. They blame everything, from being passed over CF deals, to celebrities "less beautiful than them", to their single status, on the "curse of the nines" their age being a particle of nine. Rules of the Time in terms of the mafia family and attempts of finding solutions to problems through connections.

Jeong Yunho, Lee Suji, Park Seongkwang, Lee Sanghun A thief attacking bank employees, and asks them to act out to cover for him when he gets a phone call from his mother or girlfriend. Park Yeongjin About a tenant struggling from a stubborn building's security guard and the old men living around.

The Uncomfortable Truth - 불편한 진실 (Gag Concert / 2013.05.04)

Lee Chan, Kim Wonhyo, Lee Munjae About three friends, one rich, one poor and one getting by who are struggling from the same thing in a different way. Park Jisun, Lee Heekyung, Kim Huiwon, Jang Yuhwan, Yu Minsang About a nouveau riches couple and daughter-in-law trying to take advantage of their new-found wealth in every situation while still unconsciously acting like their old way of life. Noh Ujin, Song Pilgeun, Kim Jeonghun, Song Wangho, Lee Sanggu About a stubborn gang leader and his subordinate and how they deal with the police when their crimes are discovered using mindless excuses.

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In the year , due to the exhaustion of food, the human race is about to die off. The survivors made their own underground world with their own rules; being fat means power, authority, honor and wealth, only fat people rule this world. All comedians starring in this corner are overweight, and they compete on who weigh more by showing off their characteristics and eating ability.

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The band released an album Fashion City in An Yunsang, Eom Taegyeong Musical comedy; the name of the skit refers to buffering a video online. The skit includes repetition, freezing, and looping as some of the problems that may actually play out when loading a video with a slow internet connection. Two exorcists seek to expel him.

ANN yoou April 3, at 8: ANN yoou April 5, at 4: Popular Tags Blog Archives. Lisa is the 1 most followed female K-Pop star on Instagram. Netizens concerned with Kimura Takuya's sudden aging. Is this really Kimura Takuya? Star News via Nate 1. Jungyeon is fresh faced at the airport. Twice Jungyeon 'prettier at night' Source: MK Sports via Nate 1. GO and Choi Ye Seul announce they will be moving in together with consent from their parents. Rose looks like a human Barbie doll in her floral dress. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder Case 1 Two people with different class numbers quite far apart In this case, the person with the lower class number would call the person with the higher class number, sunbaenim since they are a couple years apart.

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Anyway, this proves how dating between different classes is hard. Case 2 Two people have different class numbers that are quite close together This would qualify if their class numbers are 1 or 2 years apart. Yoo Sangmoo was 19th class and Kim Jimin was 21st class. A senior, in this case, anyone who has a higher comedian class than you Sunbaenim: I hoped this was a little bit of a help to foreign viewers!

For example, 22nd and 25th class is considered lucky because so many comedians from that class became famous. Unfortunately, they broke up in , but they were one of the rare cases where comedians with different class numbers dated. Kim Giri and Shin Bora are the same class comedians, and naturally the same class comedians are almost like the same grade level in school, they become really close together and go on separate trips by themselves, such as 25th class all going to the water park together in We Gag Concert fans love it when a comedian couple is born, but there is actually comedian classes involved with the dating.

Both of them are 25th class. They are now husband and wife. We Gag Qualification fans x dating site online it when a petty pattern is dependable, but there is not flat classes screwed with the best.