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Boso, on 25 January - The new match maker that was implemented to fix the old match maker is terrible I think this point unites the entire player base. The frustration is whenever something is fixed it isn't actually fixed just like the chat issues. OH well lets see what they break this year.

Agreed misery loves company. Platoons should get exactly the same matchmaking as random players especially since both teams now have platoons equal in tier and number. There is literally no reason to actively punish platooning by giving them far worse matchmaking, this is an online multiplayer game, let people play with their friends on equal footing to those who prefer not to.

Platoon Matchmaking is to harsh - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

Look at the MM thread that is pinned. Most of them filled with individual complaints and complex data gathering proving that this new template system is horrible and cancerous to the game on many levels, platoons included. You should never see top tier as 3man toon in MM. HidesHisFace, on 25 January - I didnt m ark out how many times i met tier VI, but my guess is times. And I have absolutely agreed that. Much more rewarding and fun. I agree, i obviously like to play platoon myself. For me WoT is relaxing game you drink a cup of coffe to while playing with a friend. But it gets frustrating almost always fighting tanks that are better then your own.

WoT Blitz IS3 Platoon IS6 Matchmaking en desventaja

This too will become a much more rare occurance, as future tanks will no longer have this special matchmaking. So, if you happen to platoon with someone while using a vehicle that originally had unique matchmaking, make sure your platoonmate uses a tank of the same tier with the same unique matchmaking as well to prevent fail platooning.

Wargaming CAN'T control the matchmaking - it's not that they Don't Want to..

Additionally, Light tanks no longer receive scout matchmaking as they did before. Due to the addition of new Tier 10 Light tanks , scout matchmaking is no longer needed. The new matchmaking system also takes into account the maps that players on each team have battled on recently to avoid selecting duplicate maps. This new map rotation logic reduces the chances of seeing the same map multiple times in a row, adding variety to matchmaking and making the maps seem less repetitive. Now that these new World of Tanks matchmaking changes have been in effect for some time, let us know what you think of this new matchmaking system in the comments below.

You need to either explain what I have bolded above - or stop with the nonsense of how you think that MM works.

WG has repeatedly told us that the MM for Blitz does not use any player stats or metrics at all whatsoever. So it cannot be "based on what is called Battle Tier". BorisBaddenov, on 30 April - There's also vehicle weight, which is a big mess of numbers and percentages, but basically it acts as the balancing factor. Each team has to have a "weight" that is roughly the same. So those teams at Tier X with 2 Deathstars, rest assured the mm said that that was balanced and fair.

That's not Blitz my friend. Each vehicle, depending on its performance, type, and tier, is assigned a certain subset of these battle tiers that it is supposed to fight in. However, players often confuse battle tiers and their vehicle's tier.

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The matchmaker does not try to match vehicles by vehicle tier. Basically, Battle Tier does exist in Blitz The way it works in Blitz is that Battle Tier is assigned to each vehicle, and that basically gives it the Min and Max tiers that it can see in battle All the vehicle weights were set to the same number, so that didn't effect anything.

Basically Battle Tier in Blitz was just a way for the computer to pre-sort out which tank could get pulled for which battle.

How it works

It just doesn't really do anything past a pre-sort of tanks and where they can slot in for Match Maker. And I mean, maybe they had to keep it simply for the Valentine and the B But, yes, technically it was in Blitz It was the way the developers would tell us which tanks would get pref Match Making.

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You'd have to ask Ribble if it still exists in the game or not. He may know the answer. Looking for a tournament clan? Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Started by Blitzowner , Apr 30 Blitzowner 1 Posted 30 April -