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I am considering a move to Dubai and am researching about dating opportunities . I am a matured woman looking for a serious relationship with.

Thanks for reminding me online dating is retarded. I would feel like I was wasting my life if I had to read one of those for real. The whole 'fuccboi' has been slowly getting on my nerves for a while. No more like a dude slut that chased a lot of women that weren't interested in his shit. Like not relationship worthy, just a side piece kind of guy, if that. Nothing going for him besides sex.

That's how I've heard it used anyway. Like that really thirsty guy that can only get other thirsty girls, but goes after everyone because he thinks he's a stud. Not in an a so attractive way, it's not like a girl is gonna call a channing tatum lookalike a fuccboi. It sounds like you use it differently, and that's not too surprising with slang I guess.

Most chicks use it to describe a pathetic dude though. Like he doesn't have much to offer, but at the same time can only get sex from desperate girls so the ones that aren't desperate label him a fuccboi. I guess some girls that just want a fuck buddy would find a fuccboi to mess around with just because there's no risk of wanting a relationship with him, but I haven't seen that situation play out.

Along the lines of, "Ok we can go upstairs to my place but nothing is going to happen. I don't know if it's definitely because they're trying to convince themselves or if it's because they have a habit of having one-night stands they later regret and want to try and reduce the chances that will happen? Girl here who has never put that on my profile. Genuinely not there for hookups, wouldn't bother mentioning it, I just don't hookup if the situation presents itself.

If I super liked it was an accident. I think this one may be legit though because I do it sometimes. Any Snapchat filter that makes women look cuter tbh. Some of the filters smooth the skin and such. I'm female, I don't have tinder and wouldn't ever post a dog filter pic anywhere, but I can tell you the logic behind it: On Bumble I'm always amazed how many guys just have the IG or snapchat and nothing else. It annoys me to no end. If I'm debating whether you're cute or not some pictures look good, some don't , if there's nothing, I'll swipe left. If there's something and it makes me laugh or interested, then I'll swipe right.

Ha, this is the same rule I've been using for the last two weeks! Even if I think he's actually quite attractive, the blank profile is a no. If you can't even be bothered to put a few lines about yourself, we aren't compatible. Only to find out they're a sex-addict atheist barely functioning alcoholic.

My kind of women. I still don't get the whole "get to know me" thing.

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Like, I understand that you want me to like you for more than just your body, but can you phrase it so it is not a command? This goes in the same bucket as "entertain me" and "make me laugh. I'm more than excited to hear your reasons or evidence on how God doesn't exist beyond reasonable doubt. I can't graps how you figured it out.

How the fuck do you make a loving being a full time mother and not talking about a full time nanny!!? That and any thing that pretty much translates to "have money" which means gold digger! On Okcupid women always say they would be very okay with their partner making more money then them.. Sexist sexist sexist lazy women.

It's a term used by people who are not as smart as they think they are to find other people who are not as smart as they think they are. These are not real sexual orientations! Those are buzz words designed to make you look like a special snowflake. The active lifestyle pic. Even money between rock climbing and the most detestable of all hobbies: In the off chance of a horse pic, you must GTFO. Newly single looking to get back out there.


I'm a classy gal who loves jazz music and wine bars. Here's a witty statement by a female pop star. If you are shorter than 7' you're not a real man. Love him so much.

What are the biggest cliches in online dating profiles now? : AskMen

You'lll have to meet his father, btw. Even money on the travel photo is enticing Maybe not biggest or a cliche but I've seen at least 20 profiles taken from seemingly the exact same spot at Machu Picchu. Every girl likes hiking, which is odd because I can go to the biggest mountain around on a Saturday and see like 4 people the whole time. Faux-nerd stuff, I guess would be the best thing to call it. Not limited to online dating profiles though. Jesus, this is discouraging. I'm not currently active in online dating but after reading replies I don't think it would be a great strategy for me.

Most of my favorite hobbies have shown up somewhere in this thread. Any advice for a girl who actually likes hiking and will jump on any opportunity for a week long backpacking trip, occasionally travels internationally to weird places most recently rural Bolivia but also loves weekend trips, and rock climbs several times a week. These seem to be the go to hobbies of a basic bitch. I promise I'm not one. I do actually have a personality. People are complaining mostly about typicaly phrases that are being used, so if you're more detailed like you are now, for example and actually describe what you like instead of generic "loves adventure", you'll probably be fine.

Don't take my original post as too much of criticism. As much as we all like to believe we're special snowflakes, humans are by all accounts social creatures and whether they like it or realize it we are guided by society. I guess what I'm saying is we're all cliche in one way or another.

A person who made every effort to non-conform would be the most intolerable person I can imagine. And I'll even take fight against the stereotypical "basic bitch" term. Again, being people, we all have personalities. Especially ones rooted in things other than hobbies.

I bring up the hiking thing mostly as a funny observation to me. If a profile says she hikes I don't consider it a bad thing. On the other hand, I do get a bad vibe from profiles that list the number of countries they've been to like trophies. I've been to a lot of countries.

I value the experiences I've had, not adding another notch to the bedpost so-to-speak. Think how a guy might come off listing how many fish he's caught, or his 1-rep-max for deadlifts, incline bench, hammers, etc. Or how much money he makes, etc.

Dating Cliche #1: Is honesty the best policy?

Listing the numbers when you have limited space to talk about you as a person comes across to me as not valuing the experiences. Please realize that this may just be me as I do consider it a "pet peeve". Funny, gets the point across without being abhorrent.

That's a fair assessment and I'm not claiming to be anything super unique but I was surprised to see what showed up here. It doesn't sound like the hobbies are are the problem, just the way they are presented which was the basis of my question. How can these hobbies be presented in a way that shows actual interest rather than just something girls think guys will like? I think it's that people want to be invited hiking. Don't have the initiative to decide and go on their own. And this why you never date single moms.

You're just some random dude, replaceable. Found that out with my ex. Fuck her, her daughter at three understands that moons orbit planets and planets orbit stars This is actually really annoying too learn considering I am actually into rock-climbing I'm guessing its common because anyone can just go to a gym and rent gear, since your effectively forced too bring a friend you now have a cameraman to capture it. At the very least I will be able too tell from the pics who is in the rental gear and who has their own. What is wrong with that? I've only tried it once a few years ago and it was a phenomenal workout.

Was thinking of getting back into it recently. Also, having a set of photos where I can't actually tell what he looks like. The first picture is a group shot of five or more people. The third picture is him from extremely far away. The fourth picture is of his dog. Lastly, when every single one of his pictures is of him skydiving, running a marathon, hiking, biking, hanging out with of his closest friends at the bar and so forth.

That's becoming even more of a cliche than 'Netflix and chill. All of this, so much. If a person can't write a bit about themselves, I really have nothing but looks to go on aaaaand that's not quite enough. I'm seeing the same thing, but with women now. It's obvious they're trying VERY hard to seem fun.

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I can't even quite explain why I think these guys are always pricks - like I can't explain where the connection between the pictures of extreme sports and the prickness is in my mind - but I've met this guy and I know who he is and I don't want to spend any time with him. I'm thinking insecure guy who insists he has no insecurities but is constantly doing "manly" things to look "manly", criticises everyone around him, can't stand it when he doesn't "win", hears everything as a criticism or attack even when it's not, and is angry that none of the girls are ever "good enough".

This isn't my view of every guy that does extreme sports; this is my view of every guy whose profile pictures are all of him hanging off a mountain or "looking cool" at parties. If it's just a picture of them "outdoors" I don't have the same reaction. It's when all of them are a picture of him competing. The pic of some guy's naked ass out in nature or some shit. I don't get why people think this is cute. Just realized all my pics, on OKCupid for instance, are on a mountain or river, or a shot of me on a downhill trail.

They are my favorite things.

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Would a picture at the bowling alley even things out or something? To be fair legit hiking is a pretty intense hobby. Carrying like a 60lb pack on your back while walking steep elevation in the mountains is no easy feat plus it takes a fair amount of knowledge and equipment to be able to back country camp. I convinced my family to go on a "hike" in Hawaii once, we get there and it is a paved fucking pathway through a garden with stairs to a lookout. I had some variation of "love travelling and the outdoors" on my dating profile; but I've been to 34 countries, regularly go on back country camping trips, did tons of day hike and snow shoeing trips when I lived closer to the mountains and I tent camped my way across Africa for 6 weeks.

I also enjoy poolside tanning, but hate all inclusives. Every time I've pinged a POF with "not looking for hookups", it's ended in hookups. Oh man I found a chick today who's profile was nothing but " Yeah, just always be your best, and have mutual support when they're down, no need to turn everything into a game. What's wrong with that exactly? Means they probably have an okay job, and have their shit somewhat together. Having every picture be a group picture with the exact same friends. Unless you're offering a two for one deal, take a fucking selfie! In Holland we have jumping women.

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