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For this discussion I am going to refer to the map code on the large state map on any given state map. Sometimes when they issued a new map, they only updated the State map and not the smaller maps leaving date codes indicating different years on the same map.

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From about to most of the Maps Rand McNally produced were what I call "hard-cover" maps, the map is glued into a folder. All of these so called "hard-cover" maps I have seen can be dated with a year date that is fairly easy to find either on the map cover or on the map itself. It is interesting to note that in and I have not found any maps produced by Rand McNally for Oil Companies, it does not mean they do not exist, I have just not seen one.

The prewar map codes on the maps always started with a letter until , making it easy to figure out the year of the map, and after Rand McNally droped the Letter Codes and started using numbers. When you look at the SOHIO Ohio maps from to , you will see that each map code contains the number , and is preceeded by a letter.

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The is a base code refering to the map format used for those years by Rand McNally, and the Letter preceeding the base code indicated the year the map was issued. The first two letters of the base code represent the last two digits of the date the new base code was created.

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The date is always represented by the numbers in front of the base code and the revision number always follows the base code. Next lets look at the base code of , the 67 again represents the last two digits of the year the map format was created. Therefore, it is not too hard to figure out the year of a map containing the single digit date code.. I have a Standard Oil map of Minnesota produced by Diversified.

It contains the code The 14 references Diversified's base map of Minnesota; the 2 suggests that the map is a second edition for the year of issue; and finally the 4 indicates that the year of issue is Diversified's use of its code was spotty, at best. Sometimes it was used and sometimes it wasn't. Therefore, the presence of this code on a Diversified map will allow you to date the map. However, the absense of the code does not mean the map was necessarily issued in one of the years before Diversified began using its code.

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Hope this info, confusing as it is, is helpful to you. Founded December 1, as: Engineering and General Draughting Company. In , General Drafting Company was the first company to produce four-color road maps. Revised May 23, Dates on George F. Cram maps are preceded by the letters CR. These letters are then followed by a number that denotes the month and year that the map was published.

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Thus a map of Baltimore which has the following numbers on it: N CR was published in June of In or near the border at one corner of each map [atlases are coded differently] is a coded reference to the date of revision. Substitute numbers for the following letters to get the month and year:.

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At the bottom left corner of each map usually are some letters. Road Map Collectors Association date code list Date Codes for Later H.

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Gousha Maps , , by Ken Rockwell. Sometimes this code is the only indication of the date. This list ends with the year Below is a table containing the two-letter date codes for maps published by H. Gousha during the last three decades of that company's existence.

Dating Rand McNally Gas Station Road Maps including Map Codes

During much of this period, an explicit statement of date appears somewhere in the map, such as in the legend. This allows for construction of a list of proper dates. After that, the two-letter code became more complex. It started of logically enough, with AB and AC, then became quite irregular in pattern, for reasons known only to whoever assigned these codes.

The form for the entire code varies as well: